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Wagyu vs Kobe Beef

Every man is human, but not every human is a man. The same situation applies to Kobe beef. Kobe beef is one of the varieties of Wagyu beef. Now you understand the parallel I brought up at the start.

What is Wagyu beef really?

We have to start talking about Wagyu beef by saying it’s the most luxurious steak in the world, there is no other way about it. It comes from the late 1880s when several European breeds were crossbred with some of the Japanese cattle Wagyu historically refers to a special breed of Japanese cattle, that’s why it is most luxurious in the world. What’s so special about this breed is that the animal biologically is accustomed to putting the fat of the eaten food, inside the muscle.

What does it mean? It means that imagine a tough muscle cut piece of steak having the favor of a big tasty steak with the marbling placed inside the muscles. Wagyu beef is also different from any other kind of beef in the world. It usually melts at much less degree than any other meat type, which automatically means that marbling is strong in this one.

Wagyu beef itself has for different varieties:

Japanese black – has a lot of marbling

Japanese brown – lean beef, with little marbling

Japanese shorthorn – lean beef, with savory flavor, has glutamic acid

Japanese polled – known for its’ strong beefy flavor

If someone is talking about Wagyu they are likely referring to Japanese black cattle like I’ve already mentioned above. Above ninety percent of Wagyu are Japanese black strains. That’s really tough for a regular person to notice if a beef is really Wagyu or not. Usually the price range is vastly different from the regular steak price. That may be a little confusing, because the seller can easily lie to you and make it seem like you are ordering a Wagyu beef when in reality you are just eating big American steak with a good marinade.

What is Kobe beef?

Kobe beef is one of the most extraordinary meats in the world. You have probably heard the story about how it and if you tasted let’s just say you are lucky, because that meat may be the most expensive steak you can buy with your money. Like we mentioned above Kobe beef is one of the varieties of Wagyu beef and its’ origin is from Japan.

To be considered Kobe beef, the meat should come from Tajima-gyu a special breed of cattle, where Kobe is the name of the city, which is the capital and largest city of Hugo. There are also other qualifications for the beef to be called Kobe, but these are the basic things everybody should know if they want to taste Kobe beef. Just like Wagyu Kobe beef differentiates from other meat products by its’ price and trust you will instantly realize which of the visible products is Kobe beef after you look at the prices.

There is an actual reason why the prices for the Kobe beef are so high, here are some of them:

  • Obviously like I mentioned above it should be from Hyugo prefecture fed on a local farm
  • From Tajima-gyu
  • There is an actual tool which can measure the quantity of marbling( BMS); the rating should be at least six or higher on a twelve-point scale
  • Cow should be a virgin or bullock
  • The quality of the meat should be at least 6 out 10 point scale
  • It should not be more than 1,036 pounds.

These are all the important notes and qualities you should know to differentiate Kobe beef from other portions of beef.

Differences and similarities between Kobe beef and Wagyu Beef

Now we have talked about both Wagyu beef and Kobe beef, we have to sum it up. As it seems Wagyu beef itself contains the most marbling ever. This usually means that its’ flavor and taste shouldn’t be compared to any other. But does it really mean that? Kobe beef as we talked above is one of the four types of Wagyu beef made in Japanese cattle in Hyugo prefecture, from the city of Kobe. Sellers outside Japan usually tend to lie about kinds of beef saying it’s Kobe or it’s Wagyu, that’s why you need to make sure you know the guide to buying Wagyu beef excellent. So what is the actual difference between Kobe and Wagyu beef?

  • Wagyu contains more marbling
  • Kobe is only considered the beef which contains the special qualities mentioned above
  • Kobe is usually sold at higher prices, because of the specialty of how it’s made

Similarities obviously are easier to find as Kobe beef itself is one of four varieties of the Wagyu beef. Obviously, both types of meat are rich with marbling, flavor, and high-quality rating on the meat quality scale.

In recent years Americans have started to implement the system, which they call Domestic Wagyu. As they’ve tried Japanese steaks already and were amazed by them, they started to implement the same breeding system in the U.S. Other steaks in America show much less rating in meat quality and flavors, compared to Domestic Wagyu, which overtook the country and shows the highest rating in every meat category above the country.

The Japanese cattle system obviously works and delivers big results. Domestic Wagyu has a little less marbling in the muscles and is more tough compared to regular Wagyu and Kobe slices of beef, but outside Japan, Domestic Wagyu shows the highest meat rating in the world. It exceeds the quality of every “considered good” steak in America holds the first place easily.

You can always enjoy a party or any kind of event, because Kobe, Wagyu, or even Domestic wagyu can be used differently in various dishes, so you can never go wrong with them in any way. Burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and soups there is so much to choose from. As you see Japanese meat is the most expensive and at the same time the best possible meat out there.