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Ribeye vs Fillet Mignon (Key differences, costs and cooking)

You have probably read both of these items on the restaurant menu. Filet mignon vs Ribeye. Did you make up your mind easily? – I don’t think so. Filet and Ribeye represent two very different meals and you will definitely learn all the differences between them when you have finished this article.

If your go-to criteria are tenderness, the filet is the way to go. On the other hand, if you prefer a perfect meat texture, you should definitely consider ordering or cooking ribeye. Filet mignon is a soft, sweet-tasting cut that will melt in your mouth. Ribeye is a little bit tough to chew but has a very different, chewy mixture.

Only a few meat cuts come so close together as ribeye and filet mignon. These two steaks are rich with flavor, tender, and delicious. The key difference between ribeye and filet mignon is the softness.

Filet mignon is much softer and has a different meat structure. Additionally, these cuts vary in flavor and represent two very different meals. You have probably read a lot of debates about which cut is better, and that is precisely why this article was created, to help you understand the differences.

Why Do We Like Ribeye?

The ribeye is a popular choice among all gourmets and food lovers. I’m sure you’ve already compared Ribeye with T bone, or strip cut steak. If so, which one did you choose? I can bet, you went with ribeye most of the time. Needless to say, ribeye is taken from the ribs of the animal. This cut has a decent amount of fat, sweet texture, and juicy flavor. Ribeye is a perfect cut for your BBQ party. The only thing it needs to be perfect is to be cooked. However, most people also like to add some topping after it’s fully cooked.

Why Do We Like Filet Mignon?

Which steak do you think is best? I’m sure most people would agree with me when I say it is filet mignon. The only thing you may not like about this cut is the price tag. Sure, it is pretty expensive compared to other steak cuts, but the tenderness and softness often make up for the big price tag. However, if you ask around about filet, some people might say it’s overrated and overpriced.

If the tenderness is what you are going for, go ahead and get filet mignon. It’s not as flavorful as ribeye steak, but the tender texture is just too much to pass on. That being said, this cut is taken from the short loin and is by far the softest piece of meat you’re ever going to find. Ever heard the expression “melts in your mouth”? I’m sure most of them are talking about filet mignon.

Ribeye Filet vs Filet Mignon – The Costs

As we have already mentioned above, filet mignon is more expensive than a ribeye cut. However, if you are looking for a top-notch steak, purchasing a filet is something you might want to consider. Sure, if you spend only twenty dollars on a steak, you might say afterward that getting filet mignon was not worth it, but we all know there’s so much more to that.

As for ribeye, it’s not all that cheap compared to other cuts. Ribeye steak falls under the regular-priced category but is not very cheap by any means. It’s completely up to you how much you are going to spend on a steak. If the tenderness is what you are after, go with filet mignon, but if you want to taste a delicious, fatty steak, ribeye is the way to go.

How to Cook Ribeye?

Ribeye does not requirer a complex cooking method. That being said, the grill is your best choice if you want to extract every bit of deliciousness from this steak.

  • Preheat the grill to 260 Fahrenheit
  • Dip the ribeye steak in a little bit of oil, this helps with juice absorption.
  • Put the seasoned steak on the grill and wait for 2 hours.
  • If you have a thermometer, check the temperature regularly.
  • When the internal temperature of the steak reaches 160 Fahrenheit, feel free to remove the cut.
  • Add some more seasoning and serve it to the table.

How to Cook Fillet Mignon?

Cooking a fillet mignon is a little bit more complicated. As you already know, this cut is as tender as it gets and you must be careful with the steps.

  • Preheat your grill to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pour some oil on filet mignon and place it on the racks.
  • Do not forget to add dry seasonings beforehand.
  • Wait for an hour and check the temperature.
  • Similar to ribeye, the internal temperature of filet mignon should be 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Remove it from the grill and serve it to the table.

Final Words

Filet Mignon vs Ribeye – What’s the last say?

So, which do we think is better-tasting meat? Well, I’m gonna go ahead and say both filet mignon and ribeye. These cuts are so different in flavors, it would be silly to put them into the same category.

Ribeye is tough, chewy, and dripping with juices. Filet mignon is a soft cut that melts in your mouth.

If you like your meat soft, go with the filet. On the other hand, if a rather tough structure is what you’re looking for, forget filet mignon and cook ribeye steaks.


Filet Mignon vs Reibeye, which do most people prefer?

Totally depends on your taste.

Which cut is cheaper?

Ribeye is considerably cheaper than filet mignon.

Why do I have to use the grill instead of the oven when cooking filet?

This way you will lose any of the precious juices.

How much time does it require to cook each steak?

Three hours for Ribeye and half an hour for filet mignon.

Seasoning – Filet Mignon vs Ribeye?

I always like to add a little bit of onion powder and black pepper to both meat cuts.

Which seasoning is required for Filet Mignon?

Mostly nothing. People usually don’t like to season filet mignon, because it clashes with the original flavor.