Review Process

If you’re looking for tried and tested recommendations and in-depth reviews of grill, BBQ, and outdoor cooking products, you’ve come to the right place.

LearnGrill is dedicated to providing our visitors and readers with grilling tips, tricks, advice, and comprehensive reviews and comparisons of different grill products and accessories.

Our goal is to make sure that you have as much information as possible about different types of grilling products and accessories available on the market today.

My team and I are passionate about grilling and related activities. We have the ability to provide you with valid tried and tested information on just about every product used for grilling and outdoor cooking.

We not only recommend the best products but give you detailed reviews that include the pros and cons of each product that we review. Our mission is to ensure that you make a more informed decision when shopping for the best grill and other related products.

The reviews published on our site are informative and cover a wide range of features and other aspects of the product including what we like and what we don’t like about it.

Each review also includes opinions and experiences about the product from other verified users of the product. Keep in mind that different people have different experiences about a product based on personal expectations and preferences but we do our best to collect divergent views from different users of the product to ensure that you fully understand every aspect of the product before you buy it.

Our unbiased reviews are thoroughly checked for accuracy to ensure that they are 100% factual. We examine different features of each product and even go as far as telling you what benefits each feature brings on board.

To give you a more accurate report and help you make a better decision, we sometimes do a side-by-side comparison of different grill products on some of the most pertinent issues such as features, price, and benefits. So how do we manage to get as much factual information about grills as possible?

We have a multifaceted approach in our reviews. As people who have been grilling for a long time, we have personally used and tested some of the products we review on this site. In such cases, we provide you with first-hand information about our experience with the product.

Since it’s not humanly possible to test every grill product on the market today, we also do extensive research on some products to learn other people’s experiences with the product. We consult experts on grills to get their opinions and scour the web for user reviews and testimonials.

Expert opinions and user experience provide us with credible sources of information about different aspects of each product reviewed on this site. Lastly, all our product reviews are written from the viewpoint of an actual user of the product.

Our experience with different types of grill products provides us with the knowledge to understand how each product measures against other products in the same category.