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Pit Boss 700S Review Updated for 2022

Anyone who does a bit of grilling knows about the Pit Boss brand. It’s one of the most popular grill makers and for very good reasons. Its line of products is solid, high quality, and super reliable. But despite its pedigree, Pit Boss’s 700S wood pellet grill, which is part of the company’s 700 series, is by far one of the best releases to date. It’s a well-built 8-in-1 grill that can be used for an array of tasks including baking, smoking, braising, roasting, barbecue, searing, and even char grill. In this Pit Boss 700S review, we will be looking at some of the main features of the 700S, including its pros and cons.

Pit Boss 700S Pellet Grill Review

There are a lot of grills in the market these days. But picking out a product that truly meets your needs takes time.

The Pit Boss 700S is, however, a cut above the rest and you’ll see why as we highlight its features in this Pit Boss 700S review.

Good Cooking Space

For those of you who love hosting barbecues for a lot of people, then this grill will be just perfect for you. Its super large cooking space makes it easier for you to prepare a lot of food with ease.

The 700S is so huge that you can grill an entire turkey and still leave enough space around.

Wide Cooking Temperature Range

The versatility of the Pit Boss 700S is down to its incredible temperature range. This grill allows you to cook under temperatures of between 180 and 500-degree Fahrenheit.

This gives you enough flexibility to cook many foods and tease out a wide range of flavors while you’re at it. It’s also the reason we rank it high in this Pit Boss 700S review.

Easy Cooking Process

The 700S has built a reputation for offering the “lazy way” of cooking. This isn’t a negative jab at this amazing appliance. In fact, it’s a huge plus simply because of just how easy it is to cook with it.

It only takes three steps to cook with the 700S. Just place the wooden pallets in place, fire up the grill to your desired temperature, and place the meat to cook. It’s just that easy.

Digital Control Board

You’ll also get a digital control board on the 700S that allows you to control the unit safely and easily.

The control board has all settings including temperature control, cooking length, and a host of other settings.

Porcelain Grids

The grill, which is the part that gets into contact with food, is typically made from metal. It’s also one of the most exposed parts of the appliance. This often means that it’s prone to rust.

However, you won’t have this issue with the 700S. This is because the grid is actually coated with porcelain, something that protects the metal below from rust.

The porcelain grid also makes grill cleaning and maintenance easier as well.

Flame Broiler

The flame broiler is designed to help you choose between a more direct or indirect way of cooking. It’s one of the things that add to the versatility of this product.

The Pit Boss 700S pellet grill features an extra metal plate that can be used directly on the flame.

If you want to give your food a bit of extra flavor and more of a smokier taste, then cooking with direct flame is highly recommended.


The Pit Boss 700S uses palette wood. You don’t need to plug it into an outdoor outlet to cook as well. This means that you can take it anywhere you want as long as you have the wood.

Besides, the grill doesn’t need a converter to fire up like many other brands out there. The model also weighs roughly 120 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest grills, making transportation a bit more convenient.

Very Versatile

The 700S is built to cook literally anything. Remember this is an 8-in-1 unit so it offers incredible versatility.

Whether you’re looking to prepare simple hotdogs, cook a Mediterranean-inspired seafood dish, or just grill a Thanksgiving turkey, this grill will deliver for you. It’s extremely versatile.

  • Offers an incredible temperature range starting from 180 degrees Fahrenheit and reaching a maximum of 500 degrees
  • Designed to maintain a consistent temperature to help achieve even cooking all round
  • A flame broiler is included to help you cook your food directly on the flame without transferring it to a stove
  • Extra-large cooking surface that suits large families or parties
  • Features a well-built and highly durable stainless-steel exterior for extra longevity
  • The iron grill is also coated with porcelain for easy maintenance and rust resistance
  • Super-versatile grill that can cook an incredible variety of foods
  • Requires assembly which can be hard for a lot of people

How to Pick the Best Pit Boss Grill

It’s not always easy to decide which grill to go for. There are many options out there and sometimes it can be hard knowing what exactly works for you.

The good news is that there are certain factors to look out for before buying a grill included in this Pit Boss 700S review.


Durability is everything when you buy a grill.

The last thing you want is a product that will be breaking down every now and then for no good reason. Paying extra attention to the materials used in making the grill matters a lot.

There are of course many different materials used in grills and even smokers. However, choosing iron or steel-based designs is highly recommended.

The Pit Boss 700S is constructed from steel and this simply ensures you get long-lasting service.


The warranty is simply an insurance policy that protects you from losses in case your grill is damaged. It doesn’t matter how durable your grill is. Make sure it has a solid warranty behind it before you buy.

And don’t take the manufacturer’s word for it. It’s easy to get a grill with a full warranty only to realize the cover is very limited. Read through the warranty agreement carefully and ensure it’s worth it.


Many grills will require some assembly before you begin using them. The amount of assembly needed, however, varies from one brand to the other.

As a good rule, it may be a good idea to pick a product that requires as little assembly as possible. This will save you time in setup.

Cooking Power

The cooking power and efficiency of grills vary greatly simply because different grills are built for different roles.

Before you buy a grill, ask yourself how often you intend to use it? How many people do you see yourself cooking for?

In case you have a crowd to feed several times a week, then go for a grill that offers higher cooking power. It will be expensive but no doubt worth it.

But for folks who rarely cook for a simple three or four person family, a lower power grill should be ideal for you.

Final Thoughts

The Pit Boss 700S is a top-quality grill that’s highly recommended for small families and those of you who don’t grill that often.

But even then, the grill still has a relatively huge cooking surface of roughly 700 square inches. In addition, the 700S is also one of the most versatile grills out there. It has a superb temperature range and several different cooking modes that allow you to cook anything you want.

Despite this, the biggest downside you get with the 700S is the complicated assembly. Many grills need some assembly for first-time use but a lot of people will struggle setting up this one.

Nonetheless, as we have shown in this Pit Boss 700S review, it’s still worth the money.

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