How to Brine Pork Shoulder Recipe

brine pork shoulder

Pork shoulder, also known as pork butt, tastes magical when juicy. How do you ensure that pork remains juicy and tender after being smoked for a few hours? The secret is to prepare the right brine solution for the pork …

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How Long to Smoke a Turkey

smoke turkey properly

As soon as one hears the word turkey, the first thing that pops up in their head would be Thanksgiving. People serve turkey as the main dish for Thanksgiving dinners. The whole bird is cooked with flavoring agents like herbs, …

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How Long Does Smoked Meat Last for Real

smoked meat last

Is there anything better than a portion of smoked meat straight from the grill? No matter who you’re with, eating a huge portion of meat is nearly impossible. Do you want to know how long does smoked meat last? No …

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How Long to Smoke Salmon Slowly and Tenderly

smoke salmon

Salmon is one of the best fatty fishes available in the market today. Therefore, it’s a great choice for smoking. At the end of the slow-smoking process, the fats would have blended with the fish’s flesh to make it tender …

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How to Grill a Porterhouse Steak at Home

grill porterhouse steak home

Let’s go ahead and learn together how to grill a porterhouse steak at home. We are going to show you the exact steps to take today. Cooking a round steak is all about choosing the right cut. This steak is …

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How to Cook Smoked Tuna: A Complete Guide

cook smoked tuna

What comes to mind when we mention tuna? An uncomfortable smell, which likely causes us to lose appetite. Actually, smoked tuna is one of the most delicious dishes in the world with its balanced taste and texture. People who don’t …

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How to Grill Eye of Round Steak

grill the eye of round steak

If you decided to invite your friends for a meet up at your place, surely you might be thinking of impressing them with food. Now, we all know that steaks are delicious, but have you ever prepared the eye of …

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How to Cook a Skirt Steak

cook skirt steak

What is skirt steak? Skirt steak is a part of the muscles from the diaphragm of the cow and we’ll show you how to cook skirt steak in this post. To say otherwise, skirt steak is the part of flat …

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How to Cut a Tri Tip Steak: A Quick Guide

cut a tri tip steak step by step

Tri-tip steak reputation has grown rapidly in recent years, because of its amazing flavor. It’s really cheaper compared to other delicious meat parts such as for example ribeye. It has a lot of fat in the meat, which makes the …

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How to Make Ring Bologna Sausage

cooking ring bologna sausage

Bologna sausage is one of the popular dishes in many countries globally, especially America, Australia, and Africa. Though bologna sausage is usually prepared from pork, it can also be made from venison, turkey, chicken, beef, or a blend of other …

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