How to Make Summer Sausage in the Oven

summer sausage in oven

Summer sausage is a great part of summer. For most people, it’s because they aren’t clear about how to make it. This type of sausage gives you lots of flavor without the fat. When you get your summer beef cooked … Read Now

How to Make Ring Bologna Sausage

cooking ring bologna sausage

Bologna sausage is one of the popular dishes in many countries globally, especially America, Australia, and Africa. Though bologna sausage is usually prepared from pork, it can also be made from venison, turkey, chicken, beef, or a blend of other … Read Now

How to Cook Polish Sausage in the Correct Way

cook polish sausage

Polish sausage is a traditional and one of the most delicious meals made in Poland and it has many variations. Native people call it “Kielbasa”, which means sausage and we will show you how to cook Polish sausage here. “Kielbasa” … Read Now