Smoking a Beef Roast in an Electric Smoker

Smoked beef brisket

From the moment people hear roast beef, the first thing they think about is the time it takes to cook. The first thing that comes to mind is a slow cooker and lots of time. The truth is smoking this … Read Now

Wagyu vs Kobe Beef

Wagyu Beef

Every man is human, but not every human is a man. The same situation applies to Kobe beef. Kobe beef is one of the varieties of Wagyu beef. Now you understand the parallel I brought up at the start. What … Read Now

How to Cook Wagyu Beef the Right Way

cook wagyu beef

Wagyu meat is tasty when cooked properly. Once you use the proper technique, you’ll be able to bring out the taste of the meat. When you cook Wagyu beef wrong, it will come out tough. Cooking it right makes it … Read Now