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How to Make Buffalo Chicken Dip in a Crockpot

Buffalo chicken dip is a very well-known game day food. It goes well with almost any food. This dip is especially good with fried foods because the fried foods soak up the tasty dip quickly. As a result, foods taste better than before. Do you want to know how to make Buffalo chicken dip in a crockpot? Keep reading the following article to get information about the same.

These dips not only go great with game day foods but they can also gel well along with dinners and parties. You can make them easily without having to spend a lot of time. This dip is rich and packed with all sorts of flavors, making it one of the best dips across the globe.

The crock pot recipe that we have explained here is very easy to make. So, you can entertain guests or your kids by coming up with this recipe in a jiffy.

How to Make Buffalo Chicken Dip in a Crockpot

First you need the necessary tools and ingredients to make a Buffalo chicken dip in a crockpot. You don’t need too many ingredients or tools to make a Buffalo chicken dip.

You can find all the necessary ingredients for making this dip online. And most of the recipes would also have the same ingredients.

What Are the Tools Needed to Make This Dip?

The main tool that you need for making this recipe is the crockpot or a slow cooker. Other utensils that are used are generally available in everyone’s kitchen.

The ingredients to make a Buffalo chicken dip in a crockpot are sour cream, shredded chicken, buffalo wing song, blue cheese crumbs, cream cheese, shredded cheddar cheese, green sliced onion, and minced fresh parsley.

After collecting all the ingredients one can start answering how to make buffalo chicken dip in a crockpot.

Step-by-Step Instructions

You can find many crockpot Buffalo chicken recipes online. Almost all of them follow the same step-by-step instructions.

While you can tweak the recipe slightly to suit your preferences, the basic process remains the same.

  • The first step is to mix the sour cream, ranch dressing, cream cheese, blue cheese, shredded chicken, cheddar cheese, and Buffalo wing sauce in a big bowl. Make sure to mix all the ingredients thoroughly to blend well, without forming any lumps.
  • Once the first step of mixing all the ingredients is over, you can move to the next step. The next step is to prepare the crockpot for cooking on a gas grill. Remember to coat the insides of the crockpot with butter or oil so that the mixture doesn’t stick to the walls and the bottom of the crockpot.
  • After preparing the crockpot for cooking, the third step is to carefully pour the buffalo chicken mixture into the butter-coated crockpot. Make sure to leave a few inches of the top layer of the pot empty so that the cheese doesn’t bubble up and start spilling out.
  • After transferring the Buffalo chicken mixture onto the crockpot, coat the top layer with some more shredded cheddar cheese for additional flavor.
  • The last and final step is to cook the mixture that was made in the above three steps. In this step, you need to cover the crockpot and cook the Buffalo chicken dip for at least two to three hours on low heat.

It would be best if you stopped cooking on your charcoal grill only when the cheeses were bubbly. Once the bubbling starts to happen, it’s time to add the green sliced onions and minced parsley. Now, your Buffalo chicken dip is ready to be served. It’s best if you serve this dip hot and fresh with any appropriate food.

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Buffalo Chicken Dip

For a perfect Buffalo chicken dip, you can follow the following tips and tricks.

  • It would be best to use softened cream cheese, as all other ingredients blend well with this type of cheese. You can cut the cheese cubes into small pieces and soften them properly. This helps you to blend all the ingredients without any hassles.
  • Rotisserie chicken is the best choice for shredded chicken because they are already cooked and have a good taste and flavor. Other substitutes for rotisserie chicken are canned chicken and leftover chicken.
  • You can make the Buffalo chicken dip hotter than the previous version just by adding a different sauce. For example, you can use Frank’s hot sauce or regular Buffalo wing sauce, or any other hot sauces that suit your preference.
  • We recommend you use shredded cheese because that will help ease the melting of the cheddar cheese process. You can always grate your own cheddar cheese for the cheese flavor to be rich.
  • People who don’t like ranch dressing can substitute it with blue cheese dressing.
  • If more buffalo chicken dip is required, all one has to do is make a larger quantity of the recipe by adding double the ingredients originally given in the recipe.

Freezing of the Buffalo Chicken Dip

After making your own buffalo chicken dip, it’s tough to go back to get it from somewhere else.

The usual question one gets after making buffalo chicken dip is can you freeze buffalo chicken dip. The answer is yes. Buffalo chicken dip can be kept in the freezer for 2 to 3 months.

Foods that are a great combination with buffalo chicken dip are celery, chips, tortillas, slices of bread and crackers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s quite easy to make your own Buffalo chicken dip recipe in a crock pot by following these simple steps.

You have the full flexibility to tweak the ingredients and substitute them with some other options that suit your taste buds.

Within 3 hours, you can make simple and fresh homemade Buffalo chicken dip. Try this and you will stop buying the dip from supermarkets in the future.