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How to Make Bacon Jerky the Easy Way

Is it just me or is bacon a food that’s universally loved? The fact that you landed on this page means that you appreciate bacon as much as anybody. You’re in luck today because we are going to show you the best recipe for how to make bacon jerky crunchy and tasty.

What Does Jerky Bacon Mean?

In general, jerky bacon refers to thin-sliced meat that has been dried and preserved with salt. Preparing your bacon this way helps the meat last much longer.

Oftentimes, the cooking process involves drying bacon and adding some seasoning (which is probably salt in every case). This is how we prefer to eat our bacon.

Don’t get me wrong, bacon is tasty, no matter what cooking process has been used, but dried-out bacon lasts much longer and is definitely tastier.

How to Make Bacon Jerky in the Oven

We are breaking down this simple procedure into a few steps:

1. Preheat the oven to 190 Fahrenheit. Please note that this process is pretty slow. Otherwise, bacon will turn out anything but jerky.

2. Put the bacon on the sheet. Don’t forget to place a baking sheet under the bacon. This way you won’t lose meat droppings. Also, make sure that bacon slices aren’t too close together. Leave 2 cm of space between each bacon slice.

3. Both sides should be dipped in toppings. However, make sure that every seasoning is dry. Remember, we are going to dry out the bacon, so, no juicy toppings.

4. Put your bacon inside the oven. Set the timer to 3 hours and let it bake.

5. Take out the meat and apply any additional seasonings you might like. However, if you’re in fact using a dehydrator, put them inside and let it cook for one more hour. Cooking bacon with a dehydrator requires a low temperature of 150-160 Fahrenheit.

6. Let your bacon sit in the oven for one more hour (if all other steps are completed) and take it out when it reaches the perfect jerky structure.

7. Take the bacon out of the oven and let it sit until it comes down to room temperature.

8. You’re free to serve. We always add a little bit of onion powder and spray a whole lot of black pepper on top of it.

How to Make Bacon Jerky Using the Smoker

Do you mind putting in some extra work? If not, go with the smoker. Cooking your bacon this way needs more time, but you will be amazed when you get the final results.

1. Light up the flames and reheat the smoker. Wait until the internal temperature of the smoker goes up to 220 Fahrenheit. No matter what you’re using, charcoal or wood, the outcome is always the same.

2. When lighting up the fire, always make sure that it’s on the other part of the chamber. You don’t want the grease falling into the fire, trust me.

3. Put your beacon on top of the cooking rack. Also, don’t forget to put some sheets underneath the bacon. As mentioned already, don’t put together or pile up your bacon. Always make sure that bacon slices are at least 2 cm apart.

4. You must apply your favorite seasonings while the bacon is cooking. However, don’t add too much, leave some space for the final result. Black pepper, red pepper, BBQ sauce, etc. You can use any toppings you like.

5. Let your bacon cook for approximately two hours and take it out only when it looks golden and crispy.

6. Now it’s time to use the dehydrator. Pick up the whole baking sheet along with bacon slices and put it in the dehydrator. Wait for 2-3 hours and check the temperature of the bacon regularly.

7. Now that you have cooked the meat perfectly, it’s time to bring it to the table. Making bacon this way is probably the most delicious recipe we have provided.

8. Let the bacon rest before serving, no one likes their bacon too hot. While the meat is getting rid of the juices, take a few minutes to apply some more of your favorite seasonings.

Storing Your Bacon Jerky for Later

The best thing about jerky bacon is that you can store it for long periods of time. If you’re going to eat its leftovers a few hours later, don’t use the refrigerator.

However, if you want your bacon to last for a few days or even a week, you definitely need the refrigerator to store the meat for a long period of time.

How to Heat up Jerky Bacon

It’s as easy as it sounds, believe me. You can use a frying pan along with a little oil (to give a buttery taste), or start your oven to save some of your precious time.

Most people like to store bacon in a cold, dark place, but we prefer the refrigerator storing method because it doubles the storing time.

If you don’t mind putting in some extra effort for heating up, don’t leave your bacon outside the refrigerator. Heated bacon tastes even better according to many users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make bacon jerky in the dehydrator?

Just like using the smoker, you can make bacon jerky in the dehydrator using the exact steps described in the above how to make bacon jerky in the smoker section.

Is homemade bacon jerky better than a purchased one?

Doesn’t matter where you shop, homemade jerky bacon will still be better if you get all the steps right.

For how long can jerky bacon be stored?

If left outside, probably 3 days, however, with the help of the refrigerator’s cold temperature, you can store this tasty piece of meat for weeks.

What seasonings should I use to get a better taste?

BBQ sauce, red/black pepper, onion powder, etc.

How long do I have to cook bacon in order to get jerky meat?

Every detail you wish to know about cooking bacon this way can be read in the above paragraphs.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve learned about cooking and storing jerky bacon, it’s time to dust up your silverware and get to work.

We certainly hope you’ve learned enough from this article in order to complete the cooking procedure perfectly.

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