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How to Defrost Steak Fast and Safely

You forgot to take the steak down and now you have a guest coming over. So, you need to get the meat to defrost and fast. Although this might sound impossible, it isn’t. In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can defrost steak in record time.

Knowing how to defrost your beef faster is a skill you must have, especially when you’re short on time.

How to Defrost Steak Fast and Safe

Bacteria is what you need to keep in mind when learning how to quickly defrost steak fast.

Take the right steps, so you don’t cause harmful bacteria to form, leading to serious illness. The fastest and safest way to avoid this is by using your refrigerator to defrost.

The fridge allows the beef’s temperature to reduce, slowing down the formation of harmful bacteria. You have to note that this process takes about 24 to 36 hours, so you should plan accordingly.

If this is too long for you, then there’s a way you can make the process even faster, which is the best way to defrost steak according to the FDA.

Best Way to Defrost Steak

First, you want to take the steak out of where you have it stored. Place it in a zip lock back and try to squeeze all the air out of the bag. You want to make sure you get all the air out, as this can help speed up the meat’s defrosting process.

Next, you’ll want to put the steak in a bowl that’s big enough to hold it. If you have more steaks, you can put each of them in individual bowls to speed up the process.

After you’ve put the steaks in separate bowls, you’ll fill them up with room temperature water. You want the water to be neither hot nor cold, just room temperature. Room temperature water slows the growth of bacteria on your steak, which is what you want to avoid at all costs.

Leave it in the bowl with a spatula or wooden spoon to keep it under the water to defrost properly. You want to be sure to keep the steak under the water as exposure to air will again speed up the bacteria’s growth on the meat.

After 30 minutes have passed, you’ll check the beef to see if it’s appropriately thawed. If it isn’t, then you’ll add fresh room temperature water for another 30 minutes.

So how long to defrost steak for? A time frame of 30 minutes is ideal per pound of meat, so keep this in mind when defrosting. Remember, the thicker the meat, the more time it will take to defrost thoroughly.

After enough time has passed, you’ll take the bag out of the water and check it to make sure it’s thawed. Take the steak out of the freezer bag and add seasoning to the meat.

Make sure there’s no ice in the middle of the meat. If you find ice in the middle, then you’ll want to take the time to let the meat defrost a little more before cooking.

Thawing Using the Microwave

It’s possible to use the microwave but this isn’t ideal. Defrosting meat this way might be faster but can destroy the taste of your beef.

Your microwave can defrost the meat fast, but often at the cost of discoloring the beef. Using the microwave can cause the color of the meat to change.

There is also the risk of poisoning, which is higher when you use the microwave. Once you heat the meat in the microwave, you have to cook it as soon as possible.

If you leave the beef on the counter at room temperature for too long, there’s a chance of poisoning, leading to hospitalization.

To defrost using the microwave, you’ll put the steak on a plate in your microwave and put some plastic wrap over it. Try not to wrap the plastic wrap too tightly on the steak.

Next, put your microwave on the thawing option and hit start. After each minute, you want to check your steak. Keep track of your steak so that you don’t overheat the beef in the microwave.

The best rule of thumb is to remember to allow for the maximum amount of time in the fridge. This is safer and will stop many of the problems resulting from trying to defrost your meat too fast.

Time is an important part of defrosting your beef right. The more time you can give to your beef, the better it will be when cooked.

Is Cooking Frozen Steak Possible?

Are you short on time and need to have your steak cooked?

Then it’s possible to cook the steak while it’s frozen. You have to know, though, that it’s going to take more time.

If you’re low on time and need to cook the beef while it’s frozen, then you should throw the meat on the grill as this will be the ideal way to defrost and cook it fast.


We’ve looked at how to defrost steak fast and the best way to defrost steak. If you follow the steps outlined in this post, you’ll be able to do it very quickly.

You always want to keep in mind bacteria when you are defrosting your beef. If you go about it the wrong way, the bacteria can grow on your meat. This can lead to health problems. The last thing you want is poisoning because of meat.

Sure, you can have your beef prepared to go as soon as possible, but you can also run into more problems if you do it the wrong way. Again, remember that the more time you leave for defrosting, the better and safer it will be to cook your meat.

When the time has passed, and your meat has defrosted, fire up your grill or stove so you can enjoy your steak.

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