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How Long to Brine Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is one of the most wanted foods in the world and there’s a reason for that but maybe you’re wondering how long to brine chicken breast for.

People all around the world have more than 1,000 recipes for chicken breast and their own varieties depending on their country and culture. In the US, for example, every other sandwich is made from chicken breast.

In Asia, chicken breast is commonly used for making noodles and soups with a variety of sauces. As you can see, chicken breast is one of the most used meat products in the world, because it easily mashes with any seasoning or searing.

One of the reasons people buy it so often is that you can marinade it so easily, you can use it in soups, dishes, and everything related to the kitchen.

Brining the chicken breast has been an essential way of making it more flavorsome and delicious.

Usually how you brine the chicken breasts depends on what you are trying to cook later, that’s what it comes down to. Choosing the breast with the skin or without the skin depends on you, it doesn’t make a meaningful difference.

However, the bone actually absorbs the brine flavor really well, so I suggest you use chicken breast with bones.

Brine Chicken Breast Overnight

So how long to brine chicken breast? Get 1/4 cup of sugar and salt and mix them with six cups of water. Put it on average heat until it’s fully blended and dissolved and add chicken breasts and put this into the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

This is one of the simplest brining methods you can see because there are many more you can choose from.

You can add black pepper, coriander, caraway seed, mustard, and a little tomato. That’s totally up to your preferences.

Brining process step by step

1. Gather the ingredients – salt, black pepper and chicken breast with skin or skinless is a must

2. Dissolve the ingredients in the water – heat up until dissolved

3. Add about ten cups of cold water (iced better), blending until the temperature cools down

4. Put the chicken in the brine and put all of this in the refrigerator. The key in this situation is that you have to maintain the temperature of chicken between 35-40 Fahrenheit. Make sure to control the temperature carefully. 30 minutes is all the chicken breast needs in the brine. More than that can cause the brine to overpower and the chicken becomes too salty.

5. Remove the chicken brine to get rid of the extra brine and put the chicken in the cold water.

Your chicken breast is ready to be either grilled or fried, waiting for your decision.

There are several different bringing methods you can use. For example, if you want tenderness you can go with yogurt.

The one thing that’s common for all brining patterns is that you’re using sugar and salt in the water and then put the chicken in the water. Now the spices, wine, and other things are totally up to you. 

The Difference Between Marinating and Brining

Marinating usually needs more than just sugar, salt, and water. Most likely if you’re marinating something you’ll need black pepper, salt, tomato, mayo, and other sauces of your choice.

So usually marinating takes much longer than bringing. More time you leave for the meat to marinate the better it will be. The marinating maximum amount can be 48 hours and it changes between meats.

Chicken can be in a good condition to eat for 48 hours after marinating, whereas pork can only take 30 to 32 hours. An actual difference between the two like I mentioned before is the time. While marinating needs hours, brining can only take 30 minutes.

Another difference is the taste you receive after marinating and after brining. Marinating chicken breast will give it a good flavor and tenderness, especially after it’s cooked.

Brining is the quick version of marinating I should say. Tenderness is close, but the brined chicken breast taste doesn’t come close to a marinated one.

Cooking Chicken Breast

As you have brined your chicken breast, the easy part is here. You can either grill it or fry it in the pan. Brined chicken is already low key tender, so the dish you’re preparing will be two times easier.

Let’s see how we can make teriyaki chicken which only needs a maximum of 20 minutes to get done.

1. Heat the pan on medium, add olive oil, after two minutes add the chicken, and let it fry for seven minutes. Now we need to add garlic and ginger and fry that for two minutes. After that, we are adding soy sauce, honey, and white wine if you like. Add 1/4 cup of water. Cook for five minutes straight and blend simultaneously so the sauce becomes thick and gets into the structure of chicken making it tender.

2. Use onions and sesame seeds.

3. Your dinner is ready.

You can serve it with veggies or any type of light green salad. Also, you can go with the classic look and eat teriyaki chicken with rice.

This is a classic teriyaki chicken recipe, where you can use your brined chicken breasts. Now let’s give one more example of a recipe where we can use our brined chicken breasts.

As you see you can use brined chicken breast as simple and also complex dishes. The only thing that brined chicken breast has over marinated one is that it can go with a lot of dishes, basically all of them, while the marinaded one is usually only good for frying.

Final Thoughts

If you marinate chicken breast you won’t have a lot of options left because you have made the dish already. It’s just you need to fry or grill it.

There are all the details about the chicken breast brining and cooking process. Always remember chicken breast with a bone tastes much better than a boneless one. This is a rule every chicken breast lover knows.

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