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Best RV Grill

Thinking of living the RV life? Then you’ll want to invest in one of the best RV grills to make meal prep that much easier. Grilling is after all, a staple feature of RV life so you need to have a great grill to make the most of your journey.

That way, you can cook your food in a flash, whether you’re into burgers, steaks or the fish you’ll catch during your trip.

Best RV Grills

Without further ado, here’s our selection of the best RV grills tested and rated by our team of experts.

Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

First up we have a grill from Weber, one of the most well-known grill manufactures in the world. You’ll see their name pop up a few more times on this list and for good reason. They know what they’re doing when it comes to making great grills and they don’t disappoint with this liquid propane model.

The Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill comes with a stainless steel burner with a heating capacity of up to 8, 500 BTUs. This will more than satisfy your grilling needs, whatever type of food you enjoy.

With that said, the fact that this grill only comes with one burner may limit you in terms of the amount of foods that you can prepare at a time.

But, it makes up for that with an infinite control burner valve that makes it easier to control the flame when grilling. Simply set the dial to your preferred temperature level and adjust it accordingly as you cook.


  • Comes with an infinite control burner valve that makes it easier for you to control the temperature
  • All you need to switch it on it a push button ignition
  • It’s affordably priced
  • Made from durable and long lasting cast aluminum
  • Comes with a stainless steel burner that produces 8500 BTUs of heat


  • There have been some complaints about this grill being flimsy at times

Masterbuilt 205 Stainless Steel Gas Grill

The Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel Tabletop Propane Gas Grill is one of the best RV grills for anyone looking for a clean burning and eco friendly grill that gets the job done right every time.

It’s reasonably priced and comes with a lot of incredible features like a 10, 000 BTU stainless steel burner and foldable legs that make it easy for you to carry it anywhere. You can take this grill with you on all kinds of outdoor adventures, from fishing trips to camping excursion, picnics and more.

This is a high quality grill that makes it possible to enjoy quality food on the go. whether you’re looking to enjoy well done burgers, fish or corn. It’s super easy to setup and its surface is perfectly designed and constructed for effortless grilling. It even comes with a locking hood to help keep it safe from the elements when it’s not in use.


  • Comes with locking hood to protect it from the elements
  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • Made for optimal portability
  • Comes with foldable legs for ease of use on the go
  • Features 10, 000 BTU burner
  • It’s well priced for what you get


  • The manufacturer’s customer service could be better

Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

Next in our list of the best RV grills we have yet another incredible model from Weber. This grill comes with everything you need to have an enjoyable experience at home and in the wild.

This includes a durable 12, 000 BTU stainless steel burner that allows you to cook a wide variety of foods as well as foldable side tables that offer extra working space but can be tucked away when not in use.

You can adjust the heat to your needs using the infinite burner control valve because let’s face it, you won’t always need the 12, 000 BTU heat that this bad boy puts out.

As for the foldable side tables, we found them to be particularly useful at storing extra grilling implements such as tongs and spices. Overall, this is a well made grill that’s based on a well thought out design to help you make the most of your grilling experience.


  • Constructed from durable yet lightweight cast aluminum
  • Comes with foldable side tables for your convenience
  • Comes with electronic ignition for ease of use
  • Infinite burner control valve allows you to control the temperature
  • Comes with a powerful
  • 12, 000 BTU stainless steel burner


  • There have been some complaints about the user manual not being so user friendly
  • It’s on the pricey side

Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Propane Tabletop Grill

Cuisinart is another brand that’s well known for its legendary grill products. The Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Stainless Tabletop Grill is a fantastic addition to any RV setup and you’ll soon see one.

This grill sports two fantastic burners whose heat output is fairly easy to control and a built in thermometer that enables the user to control temperature levels effortlessly. It’s features like this that really make all the difference for a grill owner especially if you plan on taking the grill on unique journeys.

Overall, this is an easy to use grill that will take care of all of your cooking needs regardless of the amount of space that you have to work with. Plus, the fact that it’s a tabletop grill means that it won’t take up too much space anywhere.


  • It’s affordably priced
  • Comes with foldable legs
  • Offers twist start ignition for ease of use
  • Comes with a built-in thermometer
  • Features two 10, 000 BTU stainless steel burners


  • It’s not as durable or long lasting as one would expect

Blackstone Tailgater Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Next we move on to the most powerful grill on this list, with an incredible 35, 000 BTU power output between its two burners. The Blackstone Grills Portable Gas Grill is a firm favorite on our team for its versatility and it’s all thanks to its impressive power output.

In addition to the two burners, this tailgate worthy grill also doubles as a griddle so you know you can get a whole lot done with it. Not only is it fun to work with for seasoned cooks but it’s easy for beginners to use as well.

It allows you to grill at different speeds and temperatures, with plenty of other features that you’ll find particularly useful on your journey including adjustable legs that increase portability and the comfort factor.


  • It’s a versatile must-have for seasoned RVers
  • Portable and easy to setup
  • Constructed from durable, heavy-duty material
  • Comes with adjustable legs
  • Features two burners that put out 35, 000 BTUs of heat collectively


  • It’s really heavy
  • It’s on the pricey side

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

A list of the best RV grills wouldn’t be enough with this gourmet gas grill from Cuisinart. This brand has outdone themselves once again with a grill that you can take to the park, on picnics and even beach outings during the summer.

As for RV campers, this affordable grill is just what you need if you’re shopping on a budget or last minute. It’s well made from durable materials and comes with folding legs that allow you to use it anywhere. Plus, it offers enough cooking space to cater for a couple and it comes with an integrated lid lock to make your cooking experience that much more enjoyable. Plus, this keep everything in space while you’re travelling.

The only minor downside to this grill is the fact that it only comes with a single 5, 500 BTU stainless steel burner which is not enough for someone that enjoys high impact grilling but it’s well worth it when you consider the price and just how portable and easy to use this grill is.


  • Features foldable legs
  • Comes with a built in lid lock feature
  • Made from lightweight yet durable materials
  • Affordably priced for your convenience


  • It only comes with one 5, 500 BTU stainless steel burner

Flame King – YSNHT500 RV Or Trailer Mounted BBQ – Motorhome Gas Grill

Flame King’s motorhome gas grill is made for the busy pitmaster who wants to flex his or her skills on the go. It’s a complete grilling station that comes with all the features you need, including a locking lid, upper grilling deck and a flame controller.

It’s competitively priced and comes with an integrated LP gas system that’s specifically designed for RV use. There’s also plenty of space for all types of ingredients that you’d want to prepare from meats to vegetables- anything that needs grilling. The Flame King also comes with all sorts of different settings for you to switch through which only adds to its versatility.

You’ve got hanging racks that can also be used as legs to keep your grill stable no matter where you choose to place it. This flexible grill is also easy to setup which came as a surprise to our team considering how many features it comes with. We loved the high quality locking retainer pins that come with this grill as help to keep it in place when its mounted through the bracket.


  • It’s super easy to install and use
  • Flexibly built for maximum versatility
  • It’s well priced


  • Comes with razor sharp edges

Camp Chef Big Gas Grill

Last but not least, we complete our list of the best RV grills with the heavy duty Camp Chef Big Gas Grill. This model comes with enough cooking space for three separate burners with adjustable legs that you can remove at any time for versatile uses.

Not only is it easy to setup but this grill is just as easy to use thanks to its matchless ignition feature. The startup sequence is as simple as they come. In fact, you can start using this grill as soon as its delivered straight out the box, with innovatively housed burners that are designed to handle the elements effortlessly.

With this grill you don’t have to worry about uneven cooking because it’s precisely designed to prevent hot and cold spots from forming. In addition to the grill, the package comes with a regulator, a hose and a grill box so that you don’t have to invest any more into the accessories required for grilling. This is a fantastic grill for RV life, tailgating and even for large gatherings with loved ones.


  • It’s constructed with rugged components
  • Super quick to switch on thanks to lightning quick ignition
  • It offers some wonderful capabilities


  • Poor customer service
  • We wish it performed more consistently

What is an RV grill?

Now that we’ve taken you through a journey of the best RV grills, we’re going to explore some of the features we considered in order to come up with this list. You’ll want to keep these in mind when shopping for your own bill in order to make an informed decisions as well.

But, first things first, what is an RV grill and what makes it so unique? Well, it works similarly to a backyard grill with the main difference being that you can use it for outdoor camping purposes as well. An RV grill is perfect for camping because its so portable. These grills are lightweight and compact with power sources like liquid propane cylinders or canisters, both of which are relatively accessible. In fact, the average RV grill only requires a 16-oz propane cylinder.

Some RV grills come with legs while others don’t and the latter are usually easier to setup as a result. You can plop them on a tabletop and use them anywhere. Those with collapsible legs on the other hand, offer added portability and comfort. You can enjoy the same level of comfort if you add extra insulation between the grill and whatever surface you place them on (i.e. a tabletop). Either way, RV grills are incredibly versatile and flexible.

What to look for in the perfect RV grill

As mentioned, there are a few important factors your should look out for when shopping for the best RV grills. As you’ll soon see, there are pros and cons to each factor and the features you priorities will depend on your needs and purposes.

One example of an important feature to consider would be the amount of working space you have to work with. This will also affect how much space the grill takes up as well. Other features to consider include price, heat control, and ignitors.

Please keep reading to find out more about each feature and why it’s important.

Size, Portability and Weight

It’s also important to consider the size, weight and portability of your RV grill as this will affect the amount of space that it’ll take up no matter where you choose to use it.

If you’re an existing fan and owner of a grill then you know how amazing it is to own one for home use. You can cook almost anything on a grill and it gives you the freedom to cater to a larger group of people when entertaining at home or on the go.

With that said an RV grill is not exactly the same as a regular sized grill even though it serves pretty much a similar purpose. You’ll still enjoy the same quality of food once grilled with the quantity being the only discernable discrepancy. It’s like being able to carry your favorite grill everywhere.

Type of Portable Grill Fuel

Portable grills are typically powered by two energy sources’ charcoal and gas. Some can be powered by campfire but for the most part they use charcoal or propane gas.

The type of fuel source you prefer for your grill will depend on your individual preferences when it comes to the taste, texture and the amount of time it takes to complete grilling.

Those who like the smoky taste of charcoal grilled meat will always opt for a charcoal powered grill over a propane model, which offers the same taste but without the smoky flavor. When it comes to charcoal grills, you must keep in mind that you’ll have to carry the charcoal with which can take up more space in your gear.


You also want to consider the quality of your grill’s construction as this determines the quality of the food that it produces as well as its ability to stand up to the elements. Some of the most common grill materials include porcelain, cast iron, stainless steel, steel and aluminum.

Stainless steel and aluminum are by far the most popular of them all because they’re not only durably built but they’re lightweight, easy to carry and affordably priced as well. On the other hand, porcelain or cast iron grills are usually more durable in comparison but pricey as well.

Of all the options on our list, the Blackstone liquid propane grill is made from stainless steel with a durable cast iron griddle for added longevity and durability. And yet it’s lightweight enough for ease of use.

Burner Type

The type of burner that your grill comes with plays a huge role in factors like cooking duration and even heat distribution as well. Charcoal grills offer a more direct heat whereas propane grills put out indirect heat. Either way, the material and quality of your grill will also determine how much fuel it’s able to put out and distribute.

For instance, stainless steel burners that are u-shaped or straight are usually the best when it comes to even heat distribution and they’re rust-resistant as well. On the other hand, thicker cast stainless steel burners are even better at even heat distribution and they put out a much hotter fire than the former. They’re preferable for cooking quick meals and are not so great for low and slow cooking.

As for ceramic burners, they’re also rust resistant but they are not as durable as their stainless steel counterparts and can easily break down when least expected which in an RV, could be any time. If you want something that’s built to last and can stand up to the elements then you can never go wrong with cast iron burners.

BTU Rating

British Thermal Units (BTU) refers to the standard measuring rating that’s used to determine the fuel efficiency and heat output of a grill. For best results, it’s recommended to opt for grills that are right in the middle when it comes to BTU ratings which translates to 50 to 100 BTUs per square inch. This means that you’re looking at a more efficient grill that works great at heat distribution and output.

But, make sure to avoid grills that either come with BTUs that are too high or too low as this could indicate that they are not very efficient when it comes to heat output and distribution.


As with anything, you want to consider your budget when shopping for the best RV grills because you will get what you pay for if you’re not careful. While you don’t have to pay through the nose, you should still look for a grill that offers great value for money.

Sometimes, it’s more important to find a grill that will last for many years to come as opposed to a grill that comes at an affordable price without the quality build that’s required. It’s important for a grill to be durably built, portable and reliable as that’s what’s required of any appliance you’re going to use in an RV.

With all that said, if you’re just looking for a grill to use for a quick trip, then we suppose you can get away with spending the least amount of money possible because you’ll probably only use them for one season anyway.

Additional Features

The great thing about RV grills is that they usually don’t come with any complicated features that make the buying process difficult or complicated. But, some people consider their RV grill a significant investment so it’s worth looking into some of the nice extras that certain grills come which, as they can go a long way to making your life easier.

Some of the most notable conveniences that some RV grills come with include a temperature and heat control gauge, interchangeable grill plates and even a push-button ignitor for ease of use. Other than that, the most important features to look out for are any extra cooking space the grill has and whether or not it’s easy to use (i.e. is its components dishwasher safe?).


Now that you’ve seen what your options are when it comes to the best RV grills out there, what do you think? What’s your favorite one? Ours is the Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill.

This grill has all the essentials plus a few nice extras to boot! It’s durably made to last from cast aluminum with a stainless steel burner that emits 8500 BTUs of heat for you to work with. And yet, it’s easy to control, thanks to the infinite control burner valve and push button ignition and all of this comes at a very accessible price that anyone can afford. What’s not to love about that? Not much, if you ask us.