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Best Knife For Cutting Chicken

Looking for the best knife for cutting chicken? Well, your search is over my friend. In the following guide we’re going to share with you a wide range of options, all of which are excellent knives for cutting chicken.

You see, unlike other types of food and meats chicken requires a certain level of sharpness and precision that you can’t find with all knives. Without the right knife, you could end up hurting yourself or even damage your cutting board.

Whereas, using the best knife for cutting raw chicken is essential to confidently cutting through the meat right through to the bone. This means having a blade with the right kind of metal that’s required to get rid of those small chicken bones that can be challenging.

Best Knife for Cutting Chicken

Not all knives are made equal and some are better than others for precise deboning, cutting and chopping, especially when you’re cooking chicken or making chicken strips.

Wusthof Classic IKON Boning Knife

First in our list of the best knife for cutting chicken we have the Wusthof Classic. If I could only use one knife for life it would be this one.

Why? Because it’s a fantastic knife in all respects. It leads with a 5 inch boning blade that’s designed to easily cut off excess fat and bones even the smallest one. The great thing about this knife is the fact that its made from high carbon stainless steel which is precision forged for incredible effectiveness.

Not only that, but this knife is is incredibly flexible which is why it’s so effective at removing even the most difficult to reach bones. It’s durably and lovingly crafted in Germany and it’s super easy to use.


  • It’s backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Forged from high carbon stainless steel
  • Comes with a triple riveted handle
  • Full tang
  • Has a 5 inch blade to boot


  • None

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro Boning Knife

Next in our list of the best knife for cutting chicken we have this professional quality beauty. It’s a budget friendly option that’s perfect for the busy home cook who wants something that is safe and effective.

It’s a versatile knife that you can use for a number of applications from deboning the poultry stack and dish to chopping meat cuts to perfection. It’s got a well balanced grip and a flexible curvy blade. You’ll find its curved edge blade to be incredibly accurate when it comes to piercing through meat.

Its perfectly balanced handle is what keeps the 6 inch long stainless steel blade so effective while the thermoplastic elastometer handle material makes it so much easier to cut through meat.


  • It comes highly recommended by past users
  • It’s backed by a generous lifetime guarantee
  • Comes with a highly accurate blade that can cut fat right off the meat smoothly
  • Perfect for boning and slicing meat


  • The blade must be sharpened after a few uses

Mercer Culinary Genesis 10-Inch Short Bolster Chef’s Knife

Here we have a multipurpose professional quality knife that’s expertly created for chefs by the Mercer Culinary brand. It’s constructed with a 10 inch carbon steel blade which is resistant to stains with a perfectly balanced handle to boot.

When perfectly sharpened, this knife is amazing at slicing meat. It’s also very comfortable and easy to use thanks to its polished finish and it’s perfect for both household and professional use.

Another unique feature of this knife is its tapered edges which make it ideal for carving roasted meat, turkey and ham. I tell you, the holiday season is going to be very special with this knife around and due to the stain resistant bezel lining, you can rest assured that this knife won’t ever corrode or rust over time due to regular use.


  • Perfectly shaped bolster gives you full access to the cutting board
  • With this knife you won’t need a cleaver
  • Doesn’t require honing after use
  • Weighs only 8.3 oz. so it’s versatile too


  • Its sharp edges can make this blade dangerous for beginners

Victorinox Swiss Army – 47645 Cutlery Fibrox Pro Slicing Knife

The Victorinox Swiss Army knife is the best knife to cut chicken as well as a wide range of other meats and types of food. It’s well crafted with a cutting edge blade and an ergonomically designed non slip handle.

The blade itself is 12 inches long with a 5.4 inch wide handle with a perfectly balanced grip. If there’s one thing we can say about this knife it’s that it’s easy to handle and use.


  • It’s made with a nonstick blade
  • Perfectly balanced for multipurpose uses
  • Ergonomic handle helps to reduce wrist fatigue
  • It doesn’t require frequent sharpening


  • It’s not dishwasher friendly

TUO Vegetable Cleaver- Chinese Chef’s Knife

Next we have one of the best chicken cutting knives and one that offers great value for money. This versatile TUO knife comes with some unexpectedly handy features like a carbon stainless steel blade and a stylish handle in a beautiful vibrant color.

The 7 inch blade is a chopper which means that it’s particularly effective at mincing and chopping meat to perfection. And the handle comes with specialized comfort zones so that it’s easier to maneuver whether you’re a seasoned chef or just a beginner you’ll enjoy the same level of frictionless chopping.

Not only that, but the premium quality blade on this knife is even tempered with High-Tech Vacuum heat which means that it has a hardness of up to HRC56±2. Now that, you can’t beat. This is definitely the best knife for cutting chicken and probably the most luxurious as well.


  • Reasonably priced with great value for money
  • Perfect for home chefs of all experience levels
  • Comes with a well balanced bolster
  • Super easy to clean and maintain


  • Its flexible blade tip can compromise its effectiveness in the long term

Mercer Culinary Renaissance Granton Edge

Here we have yet another luxurious knife with a triple riveted handle for ergonomic handling and a rust-proof stainless steel handle that is sure to last for many years to come. Not only is this knife corrosion resistant but it even comes with a short bolster so you can sharpen the blade at home to prevent discoloration and blunting.

This unique, long lasting knife is much loved by pro chefs because it is so effortless to use. It just slices, cuts and chops through food with incredible ease and it’s all thanks to its high quality construction.

You can count on this knife to stay sharp, cut with precision and great stability and power.


  • It handles like a dream
  • It has a well balanced feel
  • Very sharp and precise


  • You’ll need to sharpen this blade over time as it tends to get dull


The Dalstrong chef knife lives up to its name. it’s a powerful, strong knife that offers the sharpest edge. That’s why it’s often recommended for cutting raw chicken specifically because it does so without damaging the meat or going off track in any way.

This beautifully designed knife is great for trimming, skinning, preparing and pre-boning all kinds of meat and it’s very effective at its job too, staying sharp for long periods of time.

It’s the best knife for cutting chicken because it has an ergonomic military grade G-10 handle that you can use regularly without your hand getting tires. Plus, it’s backed by a very generous lifetime guarantee.


  • It has a distinct narrow design that enables you to cut between soft edges with precision
  • Well balanced and extremely sharp


  • You’ll need to sharpen the blade regularly in order to keep it cutting edge sharp

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

Our search for the best knife for cutting chicken culminates in the Zelite Infinity chef knife, made from premium quality carbon stainless steel with an ergonomic handle, it’s perfect for chopping huge cuts of meat as well as removing small bones with expert precision.

It cuts through everything in a buttery smooth fashion, allowing you to even mince meat without having to use a mincing machine.

Thanks to having 67 layers f high carbon steel, this blade is sure to last you for many years to come. And in those years, you can look forward to easier cutting, and a rust resistant blade that’s able to retain its edge.

Last but not least, a notable feature of this knife is its triple riveted handle which provides extra wrist strength for added convenience.


  • The groove finished blade is able to cut extremely thin slices
  • It’s made with a 12-degree pro-razor-sharp blade
  • It’s strong yet it slices through food very easily


  • It’s recommended to sharpen the blade after a few uses

A Buying Guide For Knives

Want to learn what knife to use to cut chicken? Here are a few things to look out for:


First things first, consider what type of knife you need for your particular situation. Ask yourself questions like; what kind of meat do you like to cook the most? You see, there are many different knives out there, each with their own level of proficiency when it comes to cutting meat.

So, it helps to narrow down your options to the type of food that’ll you’ll be using your knife for and if you’re reading this then you’re likely specifically looking for the best knife for cutting chicken.


The best blades are typically constructed from high carbon stainless steel. That’s because this is the most durable and versatile material available. it’s also long lasting and can retain its edge over time. Of course, you can also sharpen it after using it for some years and it’ll be like new.

It’s also important to make sure that your knife has a non stick blade so that you’ll have less residue to clean up after cutting.


As with anything, you get what you pay for when it comes to cutting knives and the carving kind are usually the most pricey.

When it comes down to it a forged blade will always be your top choice, although a stamped blade is nothing to scoff at either.

Either way, you’ll want to go for a full tang model which would mean that it has a blade running right through it. Why is this important? Because this makes for a balanced and comfy knife.


A knife’s feel is also very important because you want something that is not too taxing on your wrists. That’s why it’s always a good idea to test it out before you buy it to determine if it’s comfortable for you.

That way, you can follow a smooth cutting motion just by holding it in your hand.


Another important feature you want to consider when looking for an awesome cutting knife is weight. Any respectable meat cutting knife should ideally be heavy but not too heavy. It should be heavy enough to help you leverage gravity when cutting without straining your hand.

With that said, some people do prefer a lighter blade because it’s just easier to maneuver and this counts if you’re going to be cutting meat regularly over long periods of time. So when it comes to a knife’s weight, the most important thing is to make sure that it’s comfortable.


If we were to choose just one option as the best knife for cutting chicken, it would be the TUO Vegetable Cleaver- Chinese Chef’s Knife. It comes with a 7-inch blade that’s held in by a well balanced bolster.

It’s suitable for chefs of all levels and it offers great value for money when you consider how well made it is and how the features that it comes with. Most importantly, this knife is really easy to use and it’s low maintenance which is super important for anyone that wants to use it regularly. It’s a fuss-free, durable and long lasting knife.

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