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Best Flat Top Grill

The flat top grill is one of the most versatile pieces of cooking equipment there is. But you can’t just use any one. To really get the most of yours you must look among the best flat top grills on the market. The most important thing is to find a nice flat top grill that can do it all- cook burgers, has browns, eggs, bacon, pancakes and even sautéed vegetables- all outside.

The best flat top grills bring the joy of cooking back into your life like nothing else. They’re nice and compact enough to store on the smallest patio and balcony and you’ll find yourself experimenting much more regularly with a flat top grill in your kitchen.

Best Flat Top Grills

In the following guide, we’re going to share with you how to find the best flat top grills, what to look for and what to keep in mind as you go about your shopping spree.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Ready any flat top grill reviews and you’re likely to come across the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600. Although its durably made and comes with lots of features, this grill is kind to the wallet.

It comes with a huge working area including 501 square inches for the grill itself and a 604 square inches on the gridle. The great thing about this grill is that you can flip it between the grill grates and the flat top griddle. As such, it’s the kind of grill that you can use to make breakfast and cater for a large gathering when you need it. It doesn’t limit you.

All of this is made possible by the 4 adjustable burners which are made from stainless steel and offer 12, 000 BTUs in cooking power each! This grill is perfectly designed to ensure even heat distribution and on all the different heat zones so that you can cook different meals at once.

All in all, it’s one of the best flat top grills for anyone looking to enjoy a restaurant-quality cooking experience.


  • It offers a huge cooking surface for you to work with
  • Comes with a flat top gridle
  • Features matchless ignition for effortless control
  • It’s really easy to roll
  • Comes with huge, multiple steel burners


  • It’s difficult to clean
  • Rusts easily

Blackstone 1666 Tabletop Without Hood-Propane Fuelled Outdoor Grill

Next in our list of the best flat top grills is the Blackstone Tabletop Grill 22 Inch Portable Gas Griddle. This gas powered grill features 2 H burners for versatile cooking, 33 square inches of cooking space and a useful gridle shape that helps to prevent flare-ups and flavor leaks. Also, there are no chances of overcooking your meals with this flat top grill.

You can get this grill in two different sizes, including 17 inches and 22 inches depending on how much space you have to spare for it. Another useful feature of this grill is its grease management system on the back of the grill which makes for easy cleanup.


  • Comes with adjustable burners for heat differentiation
  • Made from powdered coated stainless steel for long lasting use
  • This grill has a nice flat, even surface that you can easily wipe clean after each use
  • You get a large cooking surface to work with


  • The 22-inch model is on the heavy side and is not as portable as the 17-inch one

Royal Gourmet GB4000 36-inch 4-Burner Flat Top Propane Gas Grill

The Royal Gourmet Regal GB4000 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill is the best outdoor flat top grill with a two burner and a four burner. It offers 52, 000 BTUs of cooking power between all of its burners and comes with 744 square inches of cooking space. you can also expand this space by releasing the folding side tables.

You’ll love this grill if you’re a beginner because you can use it immediately out the box. Other features include an in built towel rack and a lower shelf for extra storage. One unique feature in particular that we have to mention is the drip tray. It’s so large that you can use it as often as you like without having to empty it regularly. It’s a pitmaster’s dream really.


  • Features an electronic ignition system for easy control
  • Comes with 4 stainless steel tube burners
  • Features two storage shelves to keep your cooking valuables
  • Comes with lots of grilling space to work with
  • Comes with a drip bucket and a drip pan too


  • The company’s service could use some improvement
  • You must buy the grill cover separately

Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Propane Tabletop Grill

You can’t talk of the best flat top grills without mentioning this propane powered model from Cuisinart. It’s constructed from high-grade still with a secure locking lid, a large capacity pull-out grease tray, two burners and a stainless cooking grate.

This is the perfect grill for anyone looking to do a bit of casual weekend grilling or at any day of the week really. But because it’s so small with only 276 square inches of cooking space, it can only cater to four people at the most.

But it makes up for that by having very powerful burners that can product up to 20, 000 BTUs of heat between them, plus the grease tray is very effective at streamlining maintenance- grease run-off be gone!

Plus, it comes with a secure locking lid, which is not a common feature in most grills and although shallow it’s still useful unless you’re cooking a chicken or a full turkey. In fact, it’s one of the few flat top grills with lid around. Another unique feature is an accurate, built-in thermometer that allows you to control the grill’s heat levels.


  • It’s super easy to assemble
  • Comes with a very efficient pull-out grease tray
  • It’s surprisingly lightweight for its large size
  • Comes with a secure locking lid
  • Constructed from high-quality stainless steel


  • You need to preheat it for 5 to 7 minutes before cooking
  • The lid dome is a bit too shallow

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles

The Presto is the best flat top griddle for indoor/outdoor use. It only measures 18 square inches of cooking space and is lightweight and portable enough for use on the road. You can take this camping, fishing or even on picnics. It’s the perfect grill for the outdoorsy type for sure.

All you need is a power outlet because this is an electrically powered grill made from non-stick materials. this means you don’t need to use too much oil when cooking with it and it’s super easy to clean after use.

What’s more, we found it incredibly easy to maintain and store this grill as well. It’s just a breeze to work with thanks to the removable handles and effortless temperature control.


  • Features a convenient nonstick surface
  • Comes with removable handles that make it nice and compact
  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • Highly versatile and functional
  • It’s reasonably priced


  • This is a pretty small unit so it can’t cater to a lot of people

Razor Griddle GGC1643M 37 Inch Outdoor Steel 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle

Our quest for the best flat top grills also led us to the Razor griddle grill. This flat top grill is one of the most incredibly versatile models that we’ve come across. If you plan on cooking for a large party, then this grill is it.

It’s 37-inch size is large enough to cook up to 50 burgers at once on its 4 burners which share a cumulative 62, 000 BTUs of power. The great thing is that you can control each of the burners separately and there are folding side shelves that you can use to store your food prep utensils, spices and other essentials too.

Although most reviewers have positive things to say about this grill’s many virtues, there have been some complaints about inconsistent heat on the burners. They apparently often leave cool and hot spots.


  • It has a large cooking area
  • Comes with 4 stainless steel burners
  • Features two folding shelves


  • It tends to have cold and hot spots

Blackstone 1554 Cooking 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill

Next we have a natural gas flat top grill from Blackstone. It measures 36 inches and comes with 4 burners that work very well to grill all sorts of ingredients.

This grill comes with such notable features as well-placed hook for the trash bag, a paper towel holder, a detachable cutting board and a side shelf. This is in addition to a recently updated grease management system that makes for easy cleanup and an advanced side shelf design to store utensils and other grilling essentials while cooking.

However, the Blackstone really shines when it comes to maintenance and cleanup. It’s one of the few grills that comes with a grease management system that allows you to trap drippings as they fall so they don’t make a mess.

Of course, all of this comes at a price but the slightly higher price tag is well worth it if you’re looking for a grill to use in the long term.


  • Comes with advanced grease management system for easy cleanup and long term maintenance
  • It’s super easy to use thanks to quick ignition system
  • Offers a very generous 720 square inches of cooking space
  • Offers 60, 000 BTUs of heat distributed across 4 burners
  • This is a high-quality restaurant grade grill
  • It’s well made to last


  • You can interchange the grill top

EVO Professional Series Gas Grill on Cart

A list of the best flat top grills would not be complete without the EVO Professional Series Gas Grill. As the name implies, this is a professional quality grill that can be used at restaurants and to cater for large groups of people. It’s of such excellent quality that it features often in the YouTube channels of professionals cooks and chefs such as Sam The Cooking Guy.

This grill features well though out design and is made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel. It comes with a 30-inch cooking stone which has been pre-seasoned for your convenience. Pls, the durable stainless steel lid makes it possible for you to smoke foods, warm what’s been cooked, and steam and roast ingredients as well. And all of this functionality is available to you straight out the box.

Other notable features on this grill include two curved burners that provide both inner and outer control. Further professional ventilation is provided by a flexible vent that helps to release vapors when heating.


  • It’s made to last for up to a decade
  • Offers 700 square inches of cooking space with a 30-inch diameter
  • It’s super easy to use thanks to convenient ignition, heat management and grease management systems
  • It’s well made and thoughtfully designed with every component made from premium materials


  • It’s incredibly expensive

What to Look for in a Flat-Top Grill

Now that you know what your options are in terms of the best flat top grills, it’s time to give you the checklist to use when shopping. Keep reading for more:


Flat top grill prices vary widely. The cheapest models can go for $100 and can reach prices of up to $3, 000. So while it is possible to get a budget friendly option, you can also pay as much as you want for a really good quality option. For instance, stainless steel is usually more affordable than cast iron griddles and grills with multiple burners usually cost more than those without one or two. Not only that, but electrically powered models tend to be pricier too.

Surface Area

One of the first things you’ll have noticed when shopping for flat top grills is that they come with differently sized burners and they vary in terms of the cooking space they offer too.

To determine which option is best for you, consider how much space you have to store it as well as how many people you’ll be cooking for. This will make it easier to determine the best size for your needs.

For instance, a family of four will subsist easily on a tow burner grill while larger gatherings will require something larger, with more than two burners.

It’s worth noting that flat-top grills often have a circle shape as opposed to the rectangle, giving you a 360-degree angle to work with so that you can cook for more people.


When it comes to the design of flat top grills, each model comes with its own features and capabilities.

Some of the more notable features of a well designed grill include added side shelves or cabinets that can be folded for extra storage or working space. A lot of models come with wheels so you can carry them around and this makes for extraordinary portability and use in outdoor excursions such as camping and fishing trips.


When it comes to the materials that flat top grills can be made from, your options include carbon stainless steel and cast iron cooktops. Both come with their own pros and cons not least of which involve differences in maintenance and cleanup.

As you may have guessed, cast iron is more durable offers better heat distribution and it’s heavier. On the other hand, stainless steel is lightweight and easy to clean, cheaper but doesn’t offer the same level of heat distribution.


Smaller flat top grills typically weigh about 1 to 20 pounds which larger gas models can reach 100 pounds or more. Features like collapsible legs and built in handles can make for really easy portability.

You can store these grills any where and cart them from here to there with minimal effort. And for grills that comes with two wheels on one side, you can actually tilt them and use them like a wheel barrow.

Number of burners

Flat top grills with just one or two burners can make it difficult to enjoy multiple heat zones and versatile cooking styles. A lot of griddles don’t come with warming shelves other so there’s usually not enough heat to cater for a secondary cooking space.

For best results, buy a grill with enough burners to cater to your needs. The more burners you have to work with, the more food you can cook and the more people you can cater to at once.

Temperature control

Gas grills typically come with thermostatic and manual temperature control levels. Both options make it that much easier for you to control heat levels especially if you’re working with a charcoal grill.


A gas grill is of vital importance to the modern home cook. It’s a worthy investment in a durable appliance that is long-lasting, granted that you get a well-made model that’s constructed from reliable materials like stainless steel or porcelain enamelled steel.

Either way, gas grills are usually well built to offer excellent heat retention. That’s why they’re so good at maintaining even temperatures even in cold weather conditions. Look for something that’s resistant to rust and corrosion so that it’ll last for more than just a couple of seasons. The last thing you want is a poorly made grill that’ll fall apart at the first sign of difficult conditions.

What is a Best Flat Top Grill?

Flat top grills are often very uniquely designed. They’re not exactly griddles and they aren’t traditional grills either but a bit of both perhaps.

Basically, a grill is a cooking stove that’s characterized by metal bars on top of a metal plate, while a flat top grill doesn’t have the same metal ridges but rather a flat, metal cooking surface. they look very similar to griddles with the main difference being that they have a different heating system altogether.

You have different options to choose from when it comes to the fuel sources you can use to heat up metal plates of a griddle, whereas a flat top grill is simpler and work with an advanced heating element.

That’s why they’re so efficient at even heat distribution. Other features that determine the quality of a flat top grill include the number of burners, its size and type, as mentioned.

However, the specific features that often swing people’s opinions one way or the other include intelligent design, portability, durable construction and efficient temperature control.

How to clean a flat top grill

Once you’ve found the best flat top grill for your needs and have all the supplies required to keep it clean, here’s what you need to do to maintain it:

  1. Scrape the grill’s surface clean while the flat top grill is still hot. This will make it easier to dispense of any grease or food debris that’s built up.
  2. Pour warm water onto the griddle surface to burn away the grease and steer clear of any steam that arises as a result.
  3. Put the scrub pad on top of the griddle screen and then on top of the griddle surface.
  4. Press the pad holder firmly onto the griddle pad and screen.
  5. Scrub the whole flat top grill surface rigorously.
  6. Rinse off the griddle surface once again and wipe it clean.


If we were to pick just one option out of our selection of the best flat top grills, it would be the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill. It’s powered by 4 burners with 12, 000 BTUs of heat each, it comes with matchless ignition for easy control, a flat top griddle and a huge cooking space. this is the ultimate flat top grill for the avid cook and grill master too because it comes with wheels so you can roll it around whether you’re cooking at home or on a camping site. Plus, it offers 604 square inches of cooking space in all so there’ll be plenty to work with when making your favorite dishes.

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