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8 Best Cutting Boards for Raw Meat in 2022

Unlike bread, vegetables, and fruit, meat requires a different type of technique and cutting surface. You can’t just use anything, especially when working with raw meat specifically, which comes with certain health and safety concerns. To help you on your quest, we’ve put together a list of the best cutting boards for raw meat.

In the following guide, you will learn what features you should consider when looking for a meat-friendly cutting board and hopefully by the end, you’ll have the ideal option for your needs.

Best Cutting Board for Raw Meat

Keep reading to discover the best cutting boards for raw meat, ranked and tested by our team of course.

1. John Boos CB1054-1M2015150 Cutting Board

First up we have the John Boos cutting board which is perfect for raw mat. It’s proudly made in the US from durable Northern Hard Rock maple wood.

Available in four different colors and styles including a stunning cherry and maple with the juiciest ripple in the middle. Also, it comes in two sizes as well, with our favorite being the model which is 20 inches x 15 inches x 1.5 inches.

Its features include having two differently textured sides, with the second one being flat, and it’s 1.5 inches thick, making it easy to grip, lift, and move around.

But what makes it really popular with people is the fact that it offers excellent antimicrobial qualities as it’s treated with natural enzymes. So, you don’t have to worry about bacteria or food poisoning when cutting your meat.

  • Constructed from durable Northern Hard Rock maple wood
  • It has antimicrobial properties
  • It’s 5 inches thick and easy to work with
  • Proudly made in the US
  • Features a reversible design
  • It’s a little on the heavy side

2. Epicurean Kitchen Series Cutting Board

Next in our list of the best cutting boards for raw meat, there’s the Epicurean Kitchen Series cutting board. This unique cutting board is one of the most lightweight models on this list and has this unique sleek design that’s out of this world.

It’s constructed from uniquely sustainable materials like recycled plastic and paper as well, with dimensions of 14.5 inches x 11.25 inches. Not only that, but it’s NSF certified as well which means that it’s suitable for use at home and in a commercial kitchen to cut large chunks of meat.

You’ll have three color options to choose from, all warm and inviting, including slate, nutmeg, and natural. The surface is reversible which means you can use both sides, and it comes with a thumb hole too, which only adds to its convenience and ease of use.

You’ll also be glad to know that this cutting board doesn’t retain odors and it’s dishwasher friendly with the ability to handle temperature levels of up to 350 degrees.

  • It repels bacteria and doesn’t harbor odors
  • Can handle temperatures of up to 350 degrees
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Available in three different colors and it’s NSF certified
  • It has favorable dimensions of 14.5 inches x 11.25 inches
  • This cutting board doesn’t come with a cutting board oil so you’ll have to buy it separately

3. Thirteen Chefs Large Cutting Board for Chopping

The Thirteen Chefs Cutting Board is made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic which is durable, versatile, and suitable for both domestic and commercial use. It’s stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and you can use it for all types of meat because it’s really easy to clean.

Other unique features of this cutting board include the fact that it’s heat resistant and features a sleek black finish that’s quite unique for a chopping board.

However, because of its black color, you’ll have to be careful with the types of blades that you use and it’s advisable to stay away from serrated edge knives altogether.

Otherwise, you’ll find that it’s fairly easy to maintain and clean because it’s dishwasher-friendly and fuss-free.

  • Constructed from safe, toxic-free, and BPA free material
  • Not only is it heat resistant but it’s resistant to stains and odors as well
  • It’s beautifully designed with a sleek, minimalist black look
  • Its black surface is prone to scratches so make sure to avoid serrated knives

4. Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Cutting Board

The Joseph Joseph ram meat cutting board is one of the most convenient and versatile cutting boards that anyone can have.

First off, it’s available in such festive colors as red, green, and black and it has a unique angled surface that effortlessly drains the juices of whatever you’re cutting.

It’s perfect for carving and chopping meat and thanks to its favorable dimensions of 14-1/2 by 11-1/2 by 0-3/4-Inches, it’s really easy to use.

On the bottom are non-slip feet that keep it carefully balanced on a tabletop or on your kitchen island. Plus, we think the 4-cup juice holder is a nice touch, and the fact that it’s dishwasher safe of course.

  • It’s dishwasher safe and easy to maintain
  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Comes in 4 amazing colors
  • Constructed from high-quality plastic material
  • It has a double-sided reversible design
  • Its surface may not be able to hold onto some meats very well

5. Totally Bamboo Cutting Board

Next, we have another bamboo cutting board from Vermont State Destination.

It’s one of the best cutting boards for raw meat because it not only looks good but has this unique shape that’s modeled after the state of Vermont where it’s manufactured.

Overall, it has a flat grain surface with sides that are laser-etched which means that you can use it for cutting and serving alike.

It’s definitely pretty enough to use as a cutting and serving board so it’s definitely one of the most versatile boards you’ll ever own if you choose to purchase it. You can proudly display it in your kitchen.

  • This is a versatile board that you can use for cutting and serving
  • It’s constructed from eco-friendly and durable Moso bamboo
  • Has a unique and interesting shape
  • It’s not as big as expected

6. Norpro Professional Cutting Board

The Norpro cutting board lives up to its name. It’s a professional-quality cutting board that’s suitable for domestic use as well. Resistant to odors, it’s non-porous and durably made, hence the pro-quality promise.

It measures 24 inches by 18 inches, with two sides that are both suitable for chopping and cutting raw meat. It’s constructed from high-density polyethylene with a deep juice groove. It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe so no worries about maintenance.

You can also rest assured that no germs will creep into your food as it’s approved by the National Sanitation Foundation so it’s suitable for caterers as well or anyone in the service industry for that matter.

If you don’t need all that cutting space, you can always opt for any of the 4 smaller sizes that are available, especially if you have a small space to work with. Otherwise, it’s perfect for on-the-go use if need be.

  • It has a huge working surface
  • It’s NSF-approved
  • Suitable for industrial and commercial use
  • Constructed from heavy-duty ½ inch thick polyethylene
  • Double-sided so with grooves on one side and a smooth texture on the other
  • It tends to get warped

7. Sonder Large Wood Cutting Board

Made from a combination of maple, cherry, and walnut woods, this cutting board is beautifully finished with 100% food-grade mineral oil which gives it a nice, polished surface.

It measures 17 inches by 13 inches and has a nice edge grain with exposed ring wood that gives it a timelessly stylish look. Every board from this brand is lovingly made by skilled artisan woodworkers which is why it’s so pretty. That’s what makes it suitable not just for cutting meat and other ingredients but for serving them as well.

However, it can also be used purely for meat processing if that’s what you’re looking for because it comes with a reversible surface so you can prep and chop to your heart’s desire.

Being a multi-purpose cutting board, it’s just as good for serving crackers and cheese as it is for slicing vegetables and meat. Plus, the indented handles make it that much easier to handle no matter what you’re using it for.

  • Suitable for all types of knives
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • It’s a versatile cutting board that you can use for different purposes
  • Features a nice, modern edge grain design
  • It’s prone to wear and tear

8. HHXRISE Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Speaking of eco-friendly cutting boards, it doesn’t get better than organic bamboo and that’s exactly what this cutting board is made from.

That means it’s BPA-free and offers a nice polished surface with juice grooves and onsite compartments that are perfect for cutting raw meat.

It features dimensions of 17×12.6×0.72 inches, making it one of the biggest cutting boards on this list so you can use it for more than just chopping meat and vegetables. It’s perfect as a cheese carving board as well.

With a thickness of 1.8cm, this board even comes with a built-in handle for added portability. It’s nice and compact as you can see so it won’t take up too much space in your pantry or kitchen. Plus, thanks to its bamboo construction this board won’t dull your knives over time.

  • It won’t dull your blades
  • 8 cm thick
  • Comes with juice grooves and compartments
  • Made from polished organic bamboo
  • It has a huge 17×12.6×0.72 inches surface area
  • Not dishwasher friendly

How to Pick the Best Cutting Boards for Raw Meat

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when shopping for the best cutting boards for raw meat:


Most cutting boards come in the traditional rectangular shape whose straight edges make them more portable. It also prevents ingredients from falling off the edges but it’s easier to pour meat and veggies into the pot once you’re done cutting them.

Most cutting boards are available in dimensions of 18 inches by 12 inches, but more professional models are usually larger at 24 inches by 18 inches.

Your preferred cutting board size will depend on what you’re going to use it for as well as your personal preferences.

For instance, if you only cook for one or two people then a small board is fine but if you cook for multiple people or like to entertain then you’ll need a larger board.


One of the most important aspects of any cutting board is the material that it’s made from. The most common one is plastic, especially for raw meat because it’s non-porous, antibacterial, and dishwasher friendly.

However, you also have the option to opt for wooden cutting boards with bamboo being the most popular because it’s very sanitary but it’s not dishwasher safe though so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

Plus, wood can warp or split when exposed to too much moisture and heat over time which is why it’s recommended to treat it with food-grade mineral oil regularly.


The last thing you need is a cutting board that slides and slips all over the place while you’re trying to chop your ingredients. Not only is this frustrating but it’s potentially dangerous as well.

That’s why modern cutting board manufacturers now include non-slip grippers to prevent this from happening.

This keeps the cutting board balanced which is really helpful, especially for larger and heavier boards.

Juice Groove

You may have noticed when reading our review of the best cutting boards for raw meat that they often come with a juice groove which is also referred to as a juice well.

This is an indentation that is placed on the cutting board to catch the juices oozing from the meat as you’re cutting, chopping, or carving it and it’s an important feature if you want to use meat tenderizer powder.


You also want a cutting board that’s versatile. That way, you can use it for several food preparation applications and even for serving food as well.

This can really come in handy when you’re entertaining several people. Some people will even use a cutting board to serve deli meats, cheese, and crudites. It’s great!

Final Thoughts

If you made it this far, then you know how to find the best cutting boards for raw meat. But, if you’re still feeling a little torn, then you should definitely consider the John Boos CB1054-1M2015150 Cutting Board. It’s our favorite.

Its versatile design means you can use it for food preparation and to serve your meal on it afterward. It’s that good.

Not only that, but it’s 5 inches thick so it’s sturdy and balanced without being too heavy, and it has an antimicrobial surface made from durable Northern Hard rock maple wood.

Most importantly, this cutting board is proudly made in the US, so the quality is guaranteed. What more can you ask for?

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